Press Release

Endeavor Streaming adds Google Cloud, Expanding Cloud Capabilities

The new collaboration, facilitated by SADA, allows Endeavor Streaming to leverage Google Cloud’s tools and cloud service innovations

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 8, 2023) – Endeavor Streaming, a global leader in premium video distribution and monetization across sports, entertainment, media and lifestyle, has collaborated with SADA, a leading business and technology consultancy and award-winning Google Cloud partner, to enable Google Cloud services across its streaming technology. This joint effort allows Endeavor Streaming to utilize Google Cloud services across its streaming video workflow.

“This collaboration, for the first time, gives us cloud optionality and enables us to leverage Google Cloud’s wide variety of tools and services to create new and compelling solutions that can help drive our client’s business goals,” said Cláudio Ferrete, head of core engineering at Endeavor Streaming. “With the help of SADA’s migration services, we were able to move thoughtfully and quickly to begin to leverage Google Cloud services.”

Endeavor Streaming’s current services provide fast and reliable video delivery while simultaneously helping brands and IP owners enhance viewer experiences with optimized content based on user behavior, metadata, and segmentation. Its real-time analytics and machine learning platform allows partners to analyze audience engagement and business metrics to identify new viewers that look like a service’s most valuable cohort and predict users who are likely to churn, which helps deliver more revenue.

“By working together, Endeavor Streaming can focus on what matters most to their business: creating custom, high-quality streaming experiences,” said Miles Ward, CTO at SADA. “SADA is uniquely positioned and extremely well prepared to support Endeavor Streaming’s containers and partner on its transformational cloud strategy for the long haul.”

“There is ample opportunity to transform the media, entertainment and gaming industries with cloud services,” said Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media & Entertainment Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Google Cloud’s infrastructure is enabling Endeavor Streaming, via its collaboration with SADA, to focus on workflow and cloud strategy evolution that strengthens video distribution and monetization for customers.”

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