Endeavor Streaming, LLC is a worldwide leader specializing in digital video broadcasting, distribution and monetization. Company trademarks, service marks, trade names, brand names, trade dress and logos in the United States and other countries (the “Company Marks”) are the property of Endeavor Streaming, LLC and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries (the “Company”). Use of the Company Marks, is limited to the Company and its licensed partners, pursuant to the below guidelines.

Partner Trademark Use Guidelines

Use of the Company Marks is restricted to officially licensed partners, and may only be used for those specific purposes authorized by the Company.  By using a Company Mark, you acknowledge that the Company is the sole owner of the Company Mark and that you will not interfere with the Company’s rights in the Company Mark, including challenging Company’s use or registration of a Company Mark anywhere in the world.  All goodwill derived from use of a Company Mark exclusively inures to the benefit the Company.

The Company Marks are typically used in product packaging, documentation and marketing materials, or in applications themselves, although the specific authorized use may differ from partner to partner. High-resolution versions of the official Company logos are included in branding packages that are delivered to authorized users. The branding guidelines included in these branding packages describe how Company logos may be used and displayed by partners who receive them. In addition, please review our guidelines below, which are applicable to all uses of our trademarks.

  • Do not use Company Marks in a generic manner.
  • Never modify or alter Company Marks.
  • Always use proper trademark attribution.
  • Do not use Company Marks in the names of your products or services.

Do not use our trademarks in a generic manner

By way of example, NeuLion® and associated Company Marks are among the registered trademarks of the Company and may only be used to describe products and services offered by the Company, and should not be used to describe digital video generally.

When referring to our products and services, the “NeuLion” brand name should be used as an adjective (not a verb or noun), followed by a description of our products or services, in a form similar to the following examples:

  • “Includes NeuLion® digital video technology.” (NOT “NeuLion inside!”)

The “NeuLion” name should always be accompanied by either the ® or ™ as appropriate. When referring to our Company, you should use the full name – i.e. Endeavor Streaming, LLC.

Never modify or alter our trademarks

The Endeavor Streaming trademarks are brand names that are spelled in a special way with distinctive capitalization. By way of example,

  • The NeuLion® trademark is properly spelled “NeuLion” with a capital “N” and a capital “L” and the remainder of the letters are lowercase. Proper capitalization is part of the trademark.
  • Never make the trademark possessive, change the spelling, insert hyphens, make one word into two or make the trademark plural.

The Company Marks, including logos, search boxes, and other links provided to you for use on websites promoting video content and software found within the Endeavor Streaming communities or partner sites are designed specifically for such use and may not be altered in any manner and must appear by themselves with reasonable spacing between each side of the applicable logo or search box and other graphic or textual elements. By using the Company Marks, including logos, search boxes, etc., you recognize that all goodwill generated through that use inures to the benefit of the Company.

Always use proper trademark attribution

Your use of the Company Marks must always be accompanied by the proper symbols and attribution. A trademark symbol is included for all prominent use of the mark, e.g., on labels, packaging, promotional brochures, data sheets, press releases and advertisement headlines, except where special space or style criteria prevent compliance. The proper trademark symbol for the NeuLion trademarks is ® (superscripted). If you cannot use the special character symbol for some reason, a text replacement will suffice (e.g., “NeuLion(R)” instead of “NeuLion®”). The name of the products or services identified by the trademark should immediately follow the trademark. For example:

  • NeuLion® solutions

Further, you must always include the following trademark attribution on your product packaging, product documentation or other location where legal notices are displayed:

“NeuLion® and the associated NeuLion logos are trademarks of Endeavor Streaming, LLC”

Note: When referring to the Company, no symbols or attribution is necessary.

Do not use our trademarks in the names of your products or services

The Company Marks may not be used in the name of your product or service. Further, you may not purchase, register or use any domain name or URL which incorporates any of the Company Marks. For example, you may not call a product the “NeuLion streaming platform,” and you may not use “” as your domain name.

Don’t steal from us

You may not use the Company Marks without our prior consent, or to disparage the Company, our products or services, or in a manner which, in our reasonable judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage our company’s goodwill in the Company Marks.

Don’t steal from others

We do not endorse or support the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials. Do not use the Company Marks or Company name to promote such things.

Changes to these guidelines

The Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify these guidelines at any time. We also reserve the right to take action against any use that does not conform to these guidelines.

Further questions

If you have any questions about how to use our trademarks, please contact:

Endeavor Streaming, LLC

1600 Old Country Road

Plainview, NY 11803